Table View branch now at

Brights Montague Park

Parklands branch now at

Pennypinchers Parklands

Corner Ruby and Tanzanite Street
Corner Parklands Main Road
(Next to Makro) Hampstead Close
Montague Gardens Parklands
Tel 021 558 0502 Tel 021 2008441
LPG, gas refill, accessories. LPG, gas refill coming soon, free deliveries.
Emergencies Danny 074 500 8396 Tyrone 076 977 1462
Gas and Wood Fireplaces Gas-Heater

Wood Fireplaces - Gas Fireplaces - Gas Suppliers

Wood Fireplaces - Gas Fireplaces - Gas Suppliers

The Gasshoppe is primarily involved in the sale of LPG gas to the hospitality and domestic sectors.We service boiling tables and do onsite gas installations.